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Animations & Videos

Animations showing the filtration process for different applications

OLIMIN8R Introduction and Operation Video
Oberlin Filter Coolant Operation
Animation of Coolant Central System
Oberlin Filter Maritime Scrubber Installation on a Ship
Animation of Tubular Filtration System
Continuous Clean Supply Filter – Reusable Belt Animation - Coolant
Continuous Clean Supply Filter – Disposable Media Animation  - Coolant
Slip Stream Filter Animation
Wastewater Filter Animation
Continuous Clean Supply – Reusable Belt Animation

Videos showing the filtration process for different applications

Coolant Filter

Reusable Belt Filter: Coolant filtration for a grinding steel bearings application.  Cakes of filtered metal fines being discharged.


Hot Oil Filter

Disposable Filter Meida:  Hot frying oil filtration in a coated chicken application.  The filtered crumbs are being dischared from the filter in a dry cake.

Hot Oil Filter

Video of dirty oil in fryer, clean oil from fryer and the dry cake of removed crumbs, sediment and solids. This is an almond roasting application.

Wastewater Filter

Video of salt being dischared at the City of Burbank Water & Power in.  The filter dewaters solids pumped from the bottom of the crystallizer, producing a salt cake with minimal moisture, suitable for land disposal.

Wastewater Filter

Dry cake discharging from the Oberlin Filter at a power plant in Turlock, CA.  This is an example of the filter's ability to remove a complex variety of substances.  The brown substance is magnesium the white is salt. The filter is working with a crystalizer and is the final process step in their Zero Liquid Discharge program.

Wastewater Filter

The Oberlin Filter is discharging dewatered spent DE sludge in a bleach manufacturing process.

Wastewater Filter

Video above is water coming from Oberlin Filter dewatering diatomite sludge. 

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