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Filter Paper

For over 50 years Oberlin Filter Company has recognized the importance of a quality filter paper and media regardless of the style of filter whether it's the Oberlin Pressure Filter, a vacuum or gravity filter. The Oberlin Filter Paper and Media Department prides itself on providing only quality, 1st tier filtration grade filter paper at competitive prices for all sizes of Oberlin Filter models.  In addition we also carry an extensive line of various gravity & vacuum filter paper as well.



  • 100 % FDA Approved Safe Material Available in varying sizes & micron mesh sizes

  • Spunbond Polypropylene ( 0.5 OSY - 2.0 OSY Weights ) 

  • 100% Polyester Materials ( 0.5 OSY - 2.0 OSY Weights) - Flatbond Polyester & Lofted Felts 

  • Heavy Meltblown Polypropylene for Fine Filtration 

  • Specialty Composite Material  (Spunbond & Meltblown Blends) 

  • DuPont Tyvek Sololfo for 1-2 micron Ultra Fine Filtration

  • Cellulose/Rayon Based Gravity Filter Paper  

Oberlin Benefits


  1. In stock filter paper shipped within couple of days 

  2. Parts Discounts for the Oberlin Filter Parts - Other media suppliers can not provide you with savings for the spare/consumable parts that you buy from Oberlin 

  3. In house support on any issues in Oberlin's lab - Here for your support

  4. Oberlin prices are heavily discounted to provide best value, we never sell media that is not 1st Tier Filtration Grade



Oberlin Filter Parts

Oberlin Filter Company stocks a large assortment of common items, along with proprietary parts for all models of Oberlin Filtration systems. Our experienced Oberlin Sales team is committed to making the ordering process as easy and accurate as possible.



In-Stock Oberlin Filter Paper used in a variety of fields including:


  • Machining 
  • Grinding
  • Honing 
  • Super-finishing
  • Hot Frying Oil
  • Wastewater


Gillian Shevels


Phone: 44 (0) 1325 317900

Fax: 44 (0) 1325 317945



Filter Paper & Parts


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