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Phosphate Bath Filtration

Cleaner Phosphate Baths for Chemical Savings, Fewer Tank Cleanouts & Better Paint Finish
For Parts Production Painting & Coating for Corrosion Resistance 


400 Zinc Phosphate Filters in Operation Worldwide

Used in All Major Automotive Body & Assembly Plants

Online Filtration

For a clean phosphate bath throughout production

Recycle Your Phosphate Bath &

Eliminate Waste Disposal Costs

With an Oberlin Filter you will be able to continually recycle and reuse your phosphate bath.  Eliminating dumping and treatment costs to reach sewage discharge limits.  Filtered solids are dry with no further dewatering necessary.

Metal finishing dip tank

Dry filtered solids discharged from filter

Benefits of Online Phosphate Bath Filtration
  • Chemical Usage Savings 

  • Extremely Reliable

  • Cleaner Bath Allows More Efficient Heat Transfer Reducing Overall Energy Costs

  • Fewer Reject / Reworked Parts Decrease Production Downtime

  • Cost effective for 200 gallon baths

  • Typically < 100mgl solids in phosphate bath

  • Silicon free construction

  • No clarifiers to clean

  • No presses to manually open, clean and re-seal

Examples of Products 
  • Car Frames

  • Shock Absorbers

  • Automotive Seat Frames and Components 

  • Turf & Snow Plow Equipment 

  • Motorcycles & Suspension Components

  • Outdoor Electrical Devices 

  • Airplane Components 

  • Ammunition Boxes

  • Golf & Shopping Carts

  • Fully Automatic Pressure Filter 

  • Dry Cake Discharge Minimizes Solid Disposal and Fluid Makeup Cost

  • Delayed Shutdown Feature Ensures All Solids Are Removed Before System Shutdown

  • Essentially Static Device - Very Few Moving Parts 

Low Operation Cost

Low Maintenance

Oberlin Filter

Low Solids – Polishing

  • Phosphating systems

  • Plating baths

  • Alkaline / caustic cleaner baths

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