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Wastewater Filtration​

"The Oberlin Automatic Pressure Filter(APF) is unique in the industry since it's simple, automatic, and can use disposable filter media for the same capacity cycle after cycle. It can be manufactured from many materials of construction to meet the most corrosive environments. It can also handle almost any solids loading and can accommodate in-line filter aid or polymer flocculant addition for enhanced separation efficiency. These are some of the reasons that more than 60 units have been installed in DuPont on a variety of applications including wastewater, recycle water clarification. nuclear waste treatment, and metals recovery."

Dr. Ernest Mayer

Dr. Mayer is a Senior Level Consultant specializing in Solid/Liquid Separation (SLS) technology since 1980. His work with the DuPont Company of Wilmington, Delaware has spanned 40 years. Holding two patents and having published more than two hundred papers, Dr. Mayer is listed in Who’s Who in Science and Environmental Technology and Co-chaired the World Filtration Congress in 2004.

Coolant/Oil Filtration for Bar Grinding

May 28, 2019


I worked for Banner Service Corp, in Carol Stream, Illinois, from 1972 to 2003 as Plant Manager.  Banner Service is a well-known centerless grinding and steel distributor in the Midwest. 


In 1998, Banner Service purchased two filter systems from Oberlin Filter out of Waukesha Wisconsin, an OPF-36 for oil coolant and an OPF-18 for water/soluble coolants.  Productivity in grinding went up 19% as soon as we started using the Oberlin filters.


Before the installation of Oberlin Filters, we had two employees on the day-shift and two on the night shift just cleaning coolant sumps for twenty two grinder machines, during which time the centerless machines were down, waiting for clean sumps.  After the installation, down-time was eliminated, and the four employees were assigned to different duties, since they were no longer needed for cleaning the sump.  Oberlin Filters kept the oil and water/soluble coolants clean at all times.


The swarf was completely dry, making for easy disposal, and for also, a more reasonable disposal fee than before the Oberlin filtering systems were installed.


In 2003, I went to work for Advance Grinding Services in McCook, Illinois and one of my first projects was to install two Oberlin Filter systems, which accomplished the same good results as it did at Banner Service.


In 2009 I went to work for Diameter Corporation in Franklin Park, Illinois.  Again, my first project was to have Oberlin Filter systems installed, since they were so successful at the last two companies.


Oberlin Filters are very easy to operate, and we always have great and fast service from the Oberlin Support staff, including Michael Croal, our sales rep, who checked often on our satisfaction with the filters.  The support staff either gave instructions by phone or immediately sent repair service to our site.


I would highly recommend Oberlin Filter systems for faster production, cost savings, and quality.

Juarez Novakowski

Sandray Precision Grinding, Inc

Coolant Filtration

Sandray Precision Grinding, Inc has been in the grinding business for 50+ years and have used many different types of filtration systems.  None better than the 450 gallon per minute filter purchased from Oberlin in 2013 that handles 15+ machines that produce a high volume of grinding sludge per day.   The payback has been faster than we anticipated going from 3-4 employees constantly cleaning and moving sludge out of individual sumps down to 1 part time employee.   After 2 years of continuous use two shifts per day we decided to pump and clean out the tank as a preventive maintenance measure.  We planned for the worst and had an entire crew ready to de-mud and clean the tank and to our amazement there was very little grinding sludge in the tank and we probably could have gone 4 years.   We have been very happy with both the Oberlin Filter and the Service they provide




Marc Gouker


Bleistahl North America LP

Battle Creek, MI
Coolant Filtration

After the purchase of the Oberlin Pressure Filtration System Model OPF21 there were several immediate improvements to our Grinding Operation:


  • Monthly Savings in the Consumable Costs: Approximately $7500 per month for Disposable Filtration Media cut down to less than a $1000 per month

  • Fewer tank clean outs required.

  • Less Wheel Dressing required, increased dresser life.

  • Cleaner Machine, less downtime to clean.

  • Less Maintenance Hours required, Reduced PM.

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs.


Brandon Hansen

Maintenance Supervisor

Bleistahl North America LP

190 North Clark Road

Battle Creek, MI 49037

Baldor Electric Company

Coolant Filtration

“Great filter, great service and great business partner”

Jay Saxon

Engineering Manager

Hansaloy Corporation

Coolant Filtration

I would like to send this note expressing my enthusiasm for your filter product.  In almost 40 years of manufacturing experience, I have never written such a letter.


Our purchase of the Oberlin Filter system for our central grinding coolant system has been nothing but a first class experience.  My engineering background told me that the theory of the filter looked great.  Now, after 9 months of operation, my experience has told me that the design, installation and operation of the system exceeds my expectations.   In this short time we have experienced several changes to our system – different coolants, different grinding wheels, ect., but even with all of these changes, the filter system has performed flawlessly.


When I initially saw the concept, I said “what a great idea”.  Now that I have experienced the system I can say – “This is the best thing since sliced bread!”.  And that from someone who manufactures bread slicers for a living!


Thank you Oberlin for the great new addition to our manufacturing facility.

Steve Wright


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Winbro Group Technologies
Coolant Filtration

We were approached by Oberlin Filter ltd directly, off the back of their success within the Aerospace sector, during autumn 2013.


Their timing was good, Winbro were interested to establish a long term working relationship with a suitable coolant filtration supplier.


“Over a three week period during spring 2014 we were able to commit to our first order with Oberlin for a complete coolant filtration management system.


Compared to others I found Oberlin’s approach methodical, organised, open and honest.  They listened to our needs and requirements carefully, offered, and then delivered, a package, suitable on both technical and commercial terms.


More recently we have followed up with an order for a bigger centralised coolant filtration system.


We remain satisfied with Oberlin Filter Ltd and look forward to developing our business relationship further in years to come.

UK based bandsaw and bandknife manufacturer
Coolant Filtration

We approached Oberlin Filter ltd in November 2014 – enquiring a new coolant filtration system to pair with an already scheduled new grinding machine.


We were faced with our own tight project time lines and therefore needed a proactive, flexible, forward thinking filtration supplier to understand our needs and act quickly.


With Oberlin we got just that. Within five weeks, from initial contact, they had delivered a loan filter system, replacing with our purchased, bespoke design unit less than three months later.


Thanks to Oberlin we lost no time with production and this new filtration system performs perfectly on a smaller footprint than what we were accustomed.


Their experience, professional attitude and disciplined service commitments, complemented by a very dependable, reliable product has, undeniably, helped us execute our own expansion plans to perfection.

A-1 Lapping & Machine
Coolant Filtration

“We would highly recommend the team at Oberlin for all of your filtration needs”   

Jason R. Greenberg

Vice President

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