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Oberlin Filter's OLIMIN8R®

Automatic Coolant Filtration for a CNC Machine Sump


How It Works

Begin with a clean sump. Place the pump suction hose as close as possible to the fluid discharge of the conveyor.  Place the filter outlet as close to the clean pump(s) as possible.  Start the OLIMIN8R. The filter is designed to process 20 gpm (~1 stroke/second). At that flow, the OLIMIN8R will process the entire volume of the sump very quickly (high turnover rate). Additionally, discharging the clean fluid near the clean pumps creates a barrier to the fine particles so they don’t reach the pumps. The combination of high turnover and counter flow ensures that the fines don’t settle out in the sump or reach the clean pumps.


Field experience has proven that the OLIMIN8R will eliminate tooling coolant port plugging and sump clean outs between normal sump maintenance.


Suction Near Fluid Discharge of Conveyor


Discharge Near Clean Pump(s)


OLIMIN8R on CNC Machine

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