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Food Processing



Hot Oil Filtration

Clean Oil & Dry Filtered Crumbs


1 Micron Filtration 

The Oberlin Hot Oil Filter is the top-performing filter for fryers and roasters and is used by the world's largest food manufacturers. The filter’s ability to filter down to 1 micron keeps frying oil in good condition indefinitely.  There will be no need to discard the frying oil ever again.


The Oberlin Filter is a continuously operating pressure filter that pumps the polluted frying oil under pressure through a non-woven disposable filter media. Sinking, suspended and floating sediment are all filtered. The sediment is therefore removed before it starts to affect the oil, slowing down the oil breakdown and extending its life. 


The completely automatic Oberlin Filter operates online for continuous filtration for fryers in the 300 gallon – 2000+ gallon range.  The filter can also be used in a batch treatment system on an as needed basis. The 1 micron filtration removes FFAs and solids/fines and crumbs for a continual supply of clean oil.  The removed solids are automatically discharged in a dry cake.

Oberlin Filter Hot Oil Filtration

Benefits of the Oberlin Filter and 1 micron filtration


Removal of FFAs
  • 1 micron filtration slows the breakdown of the oil

  • Slowing the growth of TPA/FFA’s in conjunction with absorption of oil on the food products will eliminate the need to change oil

  • Remove FFA’s down to 0.07%-0.09%

  • Can recover oils with up to 0.9% FFA


  • Meat & Poultry

  • Snacks

  • Chips

  • Tree Nuts & Peanuts

  • Asian & Mexican Foods

  • Frozen Potatoes

  • Donuts

  • Breakfast Treats & More!

Dirty oil, filtered oil and the dry crumb that automatically discharges from filter.

Eliminate flavors, spices and sugars in the oil

The Oberlin Filter removes all flavors from the oil allowing for spicy products to be run anytime during the week. You won’t have to dump your oil after the spicy run and your production schedule is more efficient and flexible. 

Reducing dark spots and maintaining color

Dark color in oil is the result of burning solids in the oil, and this affects the color and quality of the fried product. Effective sediment removal with the Oberlin Oil Filter will reduce the dark color and formation of ‘black spots’ on the product. The continual supply of clean oil from the filter will maintain a consistent color for the “perfect” color from 6am to midnight. 


Smoking/Scorching and off-flavors will never be an issue!

Clean Oil & Dry Crumb

Video of dirty oil in fryer, clean oil from fryer and the dry cake of removed crumbs, sediment and solids. This is an almond roasting application.

Completely Automatic
Filtered crumbs, solids and fines are automatically discharged in a dry cake

The filter is self-cleaning there is no offline time during production to remove crumbs, solids or fines that build up in the filter.   The filtered crumbs, fines and solids are in an extremely dry cake that automatically discharges.  This dry cake allows more oil to go back to the fryer and not taken out with wet crumbs.  The dry cake is environmentally friendly and easy to dispose of. The Oberlin Filter saves our customers oil and money in recovered oil.  The filter also uses considerably less paper then gravity filters for additional savings.


Quick calculation of the savings from the Oberlin Filter dry cake:


  • Crumbs, solids and fines that come off a belt filter or screen filter contain an amount of oil somewhere between 35%-50%.

  • The “filter cake” from the Oberlin Filter will contain an amount of oil of 5%.

  • Oil savings between 30%-45%

  • Example:  if a customer is dumping 220lbs of solids per hour, they are dumping an average of 82.5lbs of oil

  • At $0.60lb for oil, the Oberlin Filter will have a savings of $49.50 per hour, $396 per day (8hr shift), $1,980 per week, $102,960 a year


One of the world’s top food manufacturers declared a $1,200,000.00 savings per year in recovered oil from the Oberlin Filter's dry cake.



Change oil type to a less expensive, less stable oil.

Customers can change the type of oil (Palm, Corn) to a less expensive oil (Soy, Cottonseed) because the Oberlin Filter will extend the life of the less expensive oil.


High volume filtration for online or batch treatment
  • With the Oberlin Filter’s continuous treatment system the oil will be clean and a consistent quality throughout your production, from start to finish. 

  • The Oberlin Filter operating during production can filter 20-50 gallons a minute. On average 35 gallons a minute with a one turn over an hour for a fryer.

  • Batch treatment for filtration on an as needed basis with filtration rates of  330 gallons per hour.


Filter in an online treatment. Oil is continually treated and sent back to the filter for clean oil throughout production.

Filter in a batch treatment.  Oil is put into a mix tank for treatment on an as needed basis.

Cleaner Fryer 

Reduce the frequency of cleaning/boil-outs

  • Sanitation Savings (less boil-outs, less hours)

  • Chemical Savings (less caustic cleaning solutions)

    • One of our large food manufacturing clients saves over $20,000/year

  • Production savings

    • Another client gained an extra hour of production before they shut down every day. (Gained 260 production hours)

  • Energy Savings (Less solids, more efficient heating)


Self Cleaning

The Oberlin Filter has a Clean in Place(CIP) mode that is an automatic sanitation feature that allows you to run any cleaning solution through the filter after it has gone through your fryer or roaster.  An operator is not needed to clean out the inside of the fryer, the filter does it all automatically.  


Your Performance Benefits

• Fast return on investment – in many cases less than one year

• Considerable oil savings by reducing waste oil discarded with filter’s sediment

• Production savings due to longer oil life, fewer shut downs for oil changing and faster cleaning

• Environmental and cost savings thanks to fewer caustic chemical cleaning solutions and less water

• Tighter control over end product quality

Clean filtered oil coming out of a test port on the Oberlin Filter.

Animation of the Oberlin Filter hot oil application
Dry cake of crumbs, fines & solids being discharged from filter in a coated chicken application.
The Oberlin Filter in a Fry Oil Operation for a Potato Applicaition

Edible Oils


Oberlin Filter Company has developed a version of the Automatic Pressure Filter for filtering edible oils such as Flax and Hemp Oils. By using 1 micron medias we are able to provide excellent clarity and remove sediment without removing desirable ingredients or using filter aids.


This version of the filter is completely stainless steel with the wetted parts polished to a sanitary finish. It is capable of being cleaned in place.



DE Backwash


( see also Water Treatment-> Sludge Dewatering)


The Oberlin Pressure Filter has been used in breweries across the world for over 40 years to dewater spent Diatomaceous Earth (DE), also known as Kieselguhr. We have developed special features for cleaning access and for flushing this biologically active waste.

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