Oberlin Filter Maritime Scrubber Systems

Automatic Low-maintenance Water Filtration system to operate in harmony with Diesel Exhaust Scrubber  

Oberlin Pressure Filter Benefits

  1. 100% Water Processing – Eliminates need for secondary dirty water collection/storage

  2. Dry Solids Discharge of Non-Hazardous & Easily Disposable Dry Filter Cake

  3. Extremely Clean Water Filtrate allows easy discharge back to Body of Water

  4. Enables the vessel to burn a high Sulfur less expensive fuel while adhering / exceeding the environmental level regulations of cleanliness of water discharged back into the environment

  5. Simple Integration with Client’s Scrubber

  6. Worldwide Support

Scrubber Purge: 

Blowdown Specs 500 ppm TSS / 1100 NTU

Clean Filtrate: 

Oberlin Clean Water Discharge Specs 15 ppm TSS / 10 NTU

Dry cake of solids discharged from filter

Oberlin Filter Maritime Scrubber Installation on a Ship Animation

Oberlin Filter Maritime Scrubber Installation on a Ship

Located on the vessel MV Ireland

This photo shows the discharge side of the filter.  Dry solids discharge into a barrel for easy collection.   

This photo shows the side of the filter with the control panel.

For additional information please contact:

Thomas Ausloos 


Office: 262-446-4203

Cell:  262-751-2562

Email: tfa@oberlinfilter.com